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Fave sites
  • Vgperson's Stuff

    Most famous for RPG Maker game translations, vocaloid lyric translations, light novel translations, and more. Their game translations are what started my descent into rpg maker hell so go check 'em out!

  • Yoiko Yokochou

    One of my favourite artists, cool website with gallery, choose your own adventure and lots of fun things.

  • Pacthesis games

    Visual novel style dating sims and point and click adventure games

  • Jan's Courtyard

    Virtual haunted house with super early-2000's graphics! Sadly seems to be gone and only accessible through the wayback machine.

  • What more can I say, it's neopets!!! Petpages were my favourite thing as a kid and I'd spend hours just browsing through them.

  • Uptoten

    One of the sites that inspired me to draw as a kid

  • Messybeast

    Want to know way too much about cat care, coat genetics and mechanisms? There are lengthy pages on every cat variant you can think of. The site also hosts many other subjects such as rugmaking and poems.


    Scans of vintage adverts, magazines and other stuff from the (19)00's to 80's.

  • Lucid Crossroads

    Guides on how to lucid dream and astral project. My favourite page is the tour of the Lucid Crossroads. It's been in the process of 'remaking' for a while (likely never to finish), but something about this site just makes me come back.

Drawing references

    Historical reference
  • Knyght Errant

    Blog with many links to sites pertaining to medieval Europe. A good resource for souls fans or general knight enjoyers alike.

  • Pursuing the Knightly Arts

    Youtube videos of HEMA techniques. Also very fun to just watch knights beat the shit out of each other.