Changed this news box to an iframe.
Other minor updates to site... The character page is less of a focus, since most of them hardly have a paragraph of description. Probably going to reorder the doodle logs some day.
Added more link categories to link page.

First update of the year. Redid the Sketchbook page, added more crafts, updated Minecraft page and added some old + new art to fanart gallery. (The contrast between them is funny)

Very long time without proper update... small updates have accumulated over time. Added a whole fanart section in the gallery, added stuff to minecraft page, added a meme page. That's all I think. Have a good one.

New gallery images, doodles in sketchbook etc. And added a link to a new project page for Stray Rail (the page itself has been made a couple months ago) There's a lot of cool stuff that I can't show yet, but if you'd like to see updates then look on my twitter or tumblr. I have been into bloodborne and hollow knight so most of my art has been fanart lately. Should I make a fanart page?
Added images to gallery, small updates to minecraft page.

Can't believe it's another year. Happy New Year everyone!!!
It's been....a long time since this site has had a substantial update. *sweats*
Added a page for my minecraft builds, as well as a page for crafts.
Working on a page for my new project as well :)

Long time no update. Added some old art to sketchbook.
Currently working on a new game.

Happy New Year!!!
New game( Solstice Delivery ) release!!

Official (tm) site opening!!
Added sketchbook pages and links page.

Added gallery page

Moved to neocities!
Edited the layout a bit. Think it looks better now.

Testing Site